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Bageecha, with all its grandeur and elegance, has been a popular destination for weddings, parties and corporate events since 2003.

Spread across four acres of sprawling landscape, Bageecha offers two huge adjoining banquet halls that can accommodate up to 700 seated guests in each or can be used as one hall with upto 1500 seated guests.

Both banquet halls come with all the decorations, seating arrangements, their own huge kitchens, buffet setting areas, restrooms and complimentary changing room. In addition to that, Bageecha 1 comes with four complimentary rooms and Bageecha 2 comes with two complimentary rooms which includes the changing room.

Both banquet halls have specially designed spaces for wedding ceremony, dance and for the place for the bride and the bridegroom to sit.


Welcome to " Bageecha " The Gurudwara is very spacious and can accommodate hundreds of people. It provides that pure and holy feeling that touches everyone’s heart.

Bagecha offers you a great advantage and convenience of being part of Sri Guru Hargobind Sar Gurudwara next door.

In Gurudwara
  • The Gurudwara is very spacious and can accommodate hundreds of people.
  • It provides that pure and holy feeling that touches everyone’s heart.
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In Bageecha
  • If you like the outdoors and have special requirements then bageecha offers you a traditional aisle.
  • It can be set up exactly the way you want it.
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Your reception is once in a lifetime event. Whether you are planning an opulent or a simple event, Bageecha offers you plenty of choices.

Whether you are planning a formal plated dinner or a family-style buffet, you will find yourself surrounded by your guests in the warm and welcoming space that is Bageecha in all its glory.

As the dinner begins, guests will soak in the views of lights and colorful decorations, fine food and delightful conversations.

Since 2003, Bageecha has hosted hundreds, if not thousands, of wedding ceremonies, receptions, wedding anniversaries, birthday parties and religious events. We have perfected the system so you can come as a guest yourself and enjoy every minute of it. It is after all your event.


With Bageecha, you have all the freedom and choice of picking your own service providers like caterer, videographer, photographer, etc. If you want, we can provide you with contact information of various service providers and event management companies.

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No event is too small or too big for us. Please contact us further details.

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  • Birthday
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  • Any other event


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